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This colorful gorgeous app "Neposeda" includes educational stories, entertaining puzzles and amazing experiments! Comic book heroes will tell about the life of animals, kind fairytales will carry you away into the world of fun and fantasy. Pyshkaryova will teach you how to cook simple funny meals and Neposeda will entice you into mischievous games. Interactive coloring pages, tangled labyrinths, funny riddles, amusing tasks — that's what children in many countries like "Neposeda" for!All that modern children like in a vivid and accessible way!
Each issue contains:- coloring pages- cautionary tale- puzzles and crosswords- puzzles and riddles- addicting games- comics- tales and cautionary tale- answers to "difficult" children's questions, ets.
Every new issue is a new adventure and new games!
Every month there are new releases. Check the catalog updates!
For children of primary school age.
The magazine was launched in partnership with Uniline
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